Unexpected style icon: Spongebob Squarepants

Oh I’m just joking of course. Ever since I brought a pineapple lamp into my home I’m just mad about the prickly fruit. It’s like bringing a little bit of the tropics into your life. So now I’m spending my days searching for more pineapples from wallpaper to cushions to prints to frames.
My boyfriend is just worried I’m going to turn the place into Spongebob’s house. Well honey, don’t you know that pineapples can be quite stylish?

Here’s some inspiration!

imgres-1 tapet_ananas   317a6200c3b3c5558daf33d499a68ebd 778c68152e77f6c387fa26391777997b hhlake4stra

Also feel like going full Spongebob home decor? Zara Home is secretly turning into a pineapple shop!

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