MAX&Co lookbook spring – summer 2014


Ever since I discovered MAX&Co in Lecce, Italy last summer I am a huge fan. A by huge I mean HUGE.
MAX&Co is an Italian brand which belongs to the Max Mara group. It has that Max Mara feeling to it, but with a much better price tag. It’s young, but not in a teenager way, it’s stylish but fun and very on style. It’s pretty much everything you wish for when you are in your late twenties (I’m turning 29 in March) and look for something that says a little bit more “woman” than “girl”.

Today they released the spring – summer 2014 lookbook and I can’t wait to get my hands on this collection. There’s just one down side: the nearest MAX&Co store is in Brussels… ¬†oh well, a long weekend Brussels is not that bad!

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One thought on “MAX&Co lookbook spring – summer 2014

  1. Hi Chloe,
    I like your blog so much! Even though you just started i think it is very refreshing! And i am allso really exited that you are blogging about Max & Co! I like it so so much and i am so sorry that we don’t have a shop in Holland!

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