Love at first sight: ODEEH


As I was making my way back to the store where I work, after a quick visit at Skins Cosmetics, my attention got caught by the most gorgeous pink floral sweater in the window display of Pauw. Pauw is known to be somewhat of a classic store for the fancier ladies in this town who know how to spend well and normally I don’t care too much for this store, but today the force of this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G sweater sucked me inside. As I entered a lovely sales attendant with the biggest smile ever came up to me to ask if she could be of any assistance. I told her I wanted to have a look at the sweater (the price of it, but I did not mention that) and she clapped her hands together right as I said it.
‘Oh yes, beautiful isn’t it? It’s by a German label called ODEEH, have you ever heard of it?’
I shake my head. She continues: ‘Beautiful beautiful collection! For example this shirt which combines really well with this silk scarf and this coat.’
I was loving all of it!
‘And the sweater?’ I informed carefully. ‘What is the price of it?’
She takes a look at the pricetag and then turns it around so I can’t see it. I’m praying in my head: two hundred, please let it be two hundred…
‘Five hundred and eighty euro. It’s truly something you don’t see a lot around here.’
The price is making me sweat. I want it so bad!
‘Would you like to try it on? Maybe with the skirt?’
‘Thank you very much,’ I answer the attendant. ‘But I’m actually working right now. I will come back on a free day and take my time to try on these lovely pieces.’ And rob a bank or something. We do some more of that smiling and nodding and thanking like we are in Japan and I run back to work.

So the latest obsession: ODEEH.

German label since 2008 by Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich.  They say it’s brave, creative, eclectic, sometimes casual, elegant, occasionally formal and strict.
I say it’s simply gorgeous.


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