Happy father’s day


Here’s to the man that had to drag me out of bed every morning and made grilled cheese pitabread by the time I got downstairs.
Here’s to the man that made my (boy)friends feel really awkward just for the fun of it while they were waiting for me in the living room.
Here’s to the man who braided our hair and woke us up in the middle of the night to eat fries, make a walk through the snow or watch a comet rain in the park.
Here’s to the man that taught me that it has no use to be upset about something that is out of your hands.
Here’s to crazy singing in the car, but also to long conversations in the car, to ridiculous overdecorated Christmases, to making nothing into something, to watermelon contests, to insane laughs and making fun of anyone we can.
Here’s to putting up with three girls.
Here’s to the hard AND the good times…

Here’s to our father.


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