Ceiling candy


Since I’m an interior design lover with very expensive taste, but with a normal wage I often end up on Marktplaats (something like Ebay) to make my dreams come true… on a budget. Nothing wrong with that, I love it! Once I start my search I know I could be scrolling down the endless pages for hours without getting bored, just like last week when I searched for ‘gold ceiling light’.
I found a ceiling light on the very first page and fell in love right away. The add said: ‘Messing design light, needs to go because I am moving away.’
I send this advertiser an e-mail to make an offer and he replied within a minute:  ‘When can you pick it up?’

Now this beauty is hanging in the living room. A true eye catcher without drawing to much attention. Really glad with this one!

Oh, and I also moved the Eames rocker chair to make the living room a little bit more spacious with a better view at the backyard.

What do you think?

IMG_20140504_112618 IMG_20140504_112145 IMG_20140504_113110

One thought on “Ceiling candy

  1. Jaaaaa, hij hangt! Staat echt fantastisch, heel art deco ofzoiets.
    Interior design lover met een expensive taste maar normal wage. Whaha, herkenbaar!

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