Rocket baby!

‘En wil je weten wat het gaat worden? Een jongen of een meisje?’
Iedere keer als ik deze vraag hoor knik ik enthousiast. ‘Natuurlijk! Ik kan niet wachten!’
Sommige mensen vinden dat jammer omdat het dan geen verrassing meer is, maar het laatste wat ik wil is dat ik zo’n “neutrale” babykamer moet gaan inrichten met een scala aan zand- en grijstinten. Nee, ik houd van een uitgesproken babykamer. Smaakvol, maar wel uitgesproken.
En hoewel ik altijd meer gevoel bij een meisje had (ook qua naam), waren het de ideeën voor de jongenskamer die het eerst om de hoek kwamen kijken. Het begon bij Sissy Boy in Arnhem, toen ik een retro mobiel voor boven het bedje zag hangen met planeten en raketten eraan. Ik ben zelf gek op ruimteprogramma’s, documentaires over de Hubble, Cosmos etc, dus hier ging mijn hart direct sneller van kloppen. Helemaal verliefd, maar te angstig om al wat te kopen omdat ik nog niet zwanger was, verliet ik de winkel met het idee dat we natuurlijk ook zomaar een jongetje zouden kunnen krijgen… een klein astronautje. Een rocket baby!

Hier mijn inspiratie.

rocket-baby_ex7khe il_570xN.481311851_9sfk cf75ecfca2b9f3817ab937b738d8b746 ccc3a903fa1bf4ef44c2489874584b78 111412_dwellstudio-galaxy-crib-bedding  561558498279c33faeacba3854ad0ef5


Ps. Ik vind dat meisjes ook rocket baby’s kunnen zijn hoor 😉

Bump style


Eén ding waar ik deze zwangerschap echt niet omheen kan is de ongelofelijk trieste, suffe, tuttige POSITIEKLEDING die overal verkocht wordt. Ik bedoel, mag je er meteen niet meer leuk uitzien omdat je moeder wordt? Zelfs van H&M had ik wel iets meer verwacht, maar het is de meest verdrietige afdeling die ik ooit bezocht heb. Niet te spreken over die bende die ze bij de Prénatal verkopen of Mamalicious (het woord alleen al) op de bovenste verdieping van Vero Moda. Of t-shirts met teksten als “baby inside” of “baby loading”. Echt heel, heel verdrietig.

Nu zit ik in zo’n periode van ik pas mijn eigen kleren niet meer, maar ik kan ook nog niet hele lappen elastiek in mijn “mama-skinnyjeans” gebruiken. Het is voor mij dan ook een heel gevecht om ‘s ochtends weer iets uit de kast te trekken waar ik me 1) leuk in voel, 2) wat wel comfortabel zit en 3) bij mijn orthopedische Lacoste-sneakers past die ik nodig heb voor mijn rug. Lastig verhaal, dat begrijp je wel.
Omdat ik behoorlijk hard groei is het niet heel verstandig om al bergen met nieuwe kleding te gaan kopen, ik moet even wachten tot mijn bumpje echt een BUMP wordt.

De meest inspirerende fashion mommy’s heb ik alvast op een rijtje gezet voor als het zover is!

ede72ce1b3a9404fcaf50aba00685a50 IMG_1361

Ik was zo blij toen ik blogger Charlotte van had gevonden. Deze Nederlandse (die nu in New York woont) heeft een paar hele fijne outfits onder “maternity fashion” staan.

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Natascha Goldenberg: Russisch stijlicoon, designer en werkte voor de Russische Grazia. Zucht!

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Nog een Russisch stijlicoon, namelijk Miroslava Duma die editor was voor Harper’s Bazaar Russia. Ik denk dat ik de hakken even achterwege laat, maar hallo! – zo willen we toch allemaal zwanger zijn?

elle-pregnancy-style-eva-chen-off-shoulder-dress1-xln-xln op

Eva Chen. Lucky editor-in-chief, shopping-obsessed New Yorker staat er in de bio van Instagram account. Misschien moest ik ook maar eens gaan shoppen in New York.

Bedroom Stories


A new bed calls for a new bedroom! I was so happy when we picked up our new (much bigger) bed, but when it finally stood in our bedroom, I realized the beige color of it made the entire bedroom look pretty dull. I mean, beige bed, white walls, light grey floor and a rug in almost the same color as the bed. Luckily Pippa has a black face, otherwise I would have lost her in there!
So, color. But not too much, it is a bedroom after all and I like to keep the atmosphere a little bit more harmonious, light and peaceful.

This is what I have been thinking of:


1. Scented candles of course. No explanation needed. I love Diptyque (my wallet not so much)
2. At first I thought of painting the wall green or blue, but a big art piece above the bed might be a better idea since I get easily tired of things. I’m thinking about painting a canvas myself, get a lot of paint and use big brushes to create something similar to these pictures I found on Tumblr.
3.  Unfortunately there is not enough space for a night table and a big lamp like I always wanted to, but this IKEA Ranarp lamp can be easily attached to the headboard. To avoid the dollhouse-feeling I always like to add some modern or robust items.
4. Zara Home bed linen. I especially like the one with the flowers, because it’s colorful enough, but the grey background makes it suitable for the colder seasons as well.
5. A BIG romantic mirror for a little touch of that Paris-style apartment we all want. This one is from Laura Ashley.

And I found this beauty on Anthropologie. I think these colors work pretty well with the beige of the bed, but I’m afraid once I will have this waking up is going to be even harder (than it already is for me). But ah – think of all those Sunday mornings when Lennart will bring me breakfast in bed 😉



Ice ice baby

To be honest I only eat ice cream during my vacations, since most of them were in ice cream land Italy, but at home not so much. I mean, Holland’s cold enough already!
Still there’s something about these sweet treats. They remind me of favourite country, long summer days, eating Maxibons after longboarding with Lennart in Spain, running down the street when I was a child to catch the ice cream truck, Kelly stuffing TWO magnums down her face when she was only five years old… they bring joy! So from the pastel sorbet to the bright colored popsicle, let these gelati inspire you! What memory does it bring back to you?

8966d205352008afdb1358132f8b97f3 tumblr_mpl8kgTYnp1qmxhtqo1_500 tumblr_ms56ygo0ot1qg1gfmo5_500 tumblr_ms56ygo0ot1qg1gfmo2_500 BLOG_Culture_TopTen_Icecream_480 tumblr_mz5lqwP6XG1qgef94o1_500 tumblr_mq3eqrZo2L1r69y88o1_500 tumblr_n7dlfcoGIV1r3uzmno1_500

Green (my favourite colour)

tumblr_mhqksfpxWz1rnr274o1_500 tumblr_n6waydvOGT1rsuch2o1_500 93a82457549d6a20c40e808bf5518ff2 tumblr_n1k6ujptcq1shmhplo1_500 tumblr_mrqymwLVqa1rno97no1_500 tumblr_n045iwHQD31ritckjo1_500

Green has always been my favourite colour. I don’t think there’s a shade of green I don’t like. Not so strange, if you look op the meaning of ‘Chloé’ it says “green shoot” and “fresh blooming”. It reminds me of nature and it’s the most relaxing color on earth. It brings a positive vibe whether you use it in home decoration or wearing it. Especially love to combine it with plain white, gold, yellow or blue.

What is your favourite colour?

La Vita è Kelly – a post dedicated to my sister!


Today is my sister’s 25th birthday.
If there’s one way I could describe my sister I would say that she is an extreme, crazy, ridiculous, sentimental, funny, emotional, but pretty (!!) tornado. When she’s gone you’ll probably have NO IDEA what the hell just happened, but also leaves you wanting for more.   She is just a great personality, always  puts her friends and family first and knows how to bring your party to the next level.

Now let’s get into the style of Kelly. Happy birthday dear sis!

Before we start I want to point out that no matter who you will ask about Kelly, they will all say she is a complete Italy addict. That’s why this moodboard is in Italian style!
1. Orange blossom bustier by Dolce & Gabbana (Net-a-porter). Every commercial, campaign by D&G just breathes Kelly. She loves the Italian lifestyle and it loves her back.
2. Prada Candy florale perfume, because you never know who you might run into when you’re wandering around Rome.
3. At first I was looking for a Vespa, but than I realized Kelly just needs a car in case she needs to get back home as soon as possible to help a friend in need or spontaneously decides to go on a roadtrip. A mint green Fiat 500 is the answer.
4. Kelly wouldn’t be Kelly without her Ray-Ban Aviators.
5. All the cool people used to smoke in the fifties and Kelly surely loves a smoke. Everyone who has a problem with it can have a look at her coffee cup.
6. Watermelon martini’s. What else?
7. Kelly loves making cocktails on our Black Friday party’s. Tropical fruit drink stirrers from C Wonder.
8. She loves making pictures but since the charger of her camera has been lost forever this cute little bag from Kate Spade is a nice replacement. Who needs a camera anyway when you have a mobile!
9. Shoes, shoes, shoes. Another thing she’s addicted to. These are from Moschino – oolala!

Click – delete

La-Sardina22 With todays digital camera’s and mobile phones taking pictures has never been easier. Wherever you go, as long as you have battery you just shoot away. Some of those pictures (a lot!) end up on Facebook and/or Instagram and only few people actually “develop” (print out) their pictures.

Now I am an fanatic Instagrammer and have an eye for the smallest detail, so especially on holidays it looks like my phone is attached to my hand because I just want to get everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I click and click and if it’s not much I delete just as easily. Click – delete – click – delete – click – delete.

What happens when you have only 36 photo’s to shoot, like we did before everything turned digital? I bet that you start looking even better and use your clicks wisely. What will you be photographing? Portraits, landscapes, little details?

This is going to be my summer project during my holiday in Marbella, Spain. A visit to the Alhambra palace is high on my list and normally I would shoot a thousand pictures alone in a place like that, so I wonder if I will be able to resist getting my phone out. But first I need to buy this La Sardina St. Tropez 35 mm camera to work on this project in style 😉

Pippa’s April pick

From now on Pippa, the fashionable dog that she is, will show you the best picks for your furry friend.
This month: Indie pup!




1. Ethnic style dog harness – MissFlo
2. Nice grill cream + vermillion city leash – See Scout Sleep
3. Organic pink bone – Little Dogs Paradise
4. Geo bone ceramic bowl – C Wonder 
5. Ikat print dog poncho – Growler Goods 

And the best:


Saguaro dog tipi also from Growler Goods.

When life gives you lemons

Yesterday I bought a citrus tree (!) and as I bought it I already pictured myself sitting in the garden with some fresh, homemade lemonade, a good book and some fine tunes on the background. Let the sunny days come!



1. Paper straws – Urbans and Indians
2. Glass with yellow print – HEMA
3. Limoncello print – IKEA
4. Jonathan Adler chair – ??? (still looking for one)
5. Citrus Tree – garden centre
6. Outdoor Rug – Rough Rugs (also available at L4 in Oosterbeek soon)