Bedroom Stories


A new bed calls for a new bedroom! I was so happy when we picked up our new (much bigger) bed, but when it finally stood in our bedroom, I realized the beige color of it made the entire bedroom look pretty dull. I mean, beige bed, white walls, light grey floor and a rug in almost the same color as the bed. Luckily Pippa has a black face, otherwise I would have lost her in there!
So, color. But not too much, it is a bedroom after all and I like to keep the atmosphere a little bit more harmonious, light and peaceful.

This is what I have been thinking of:


1. Scented candles of course. No explanation needed. I love Diptyque (my wallet not so much)
2. At first I thought of painting the wall green or blue, but a big art piece above the bed might be a better idea since I get easily tired of things. I’m thinking about painting a canvas myself, get a lot of paint and use big brushes to create something similar to these pictures I found on Tumblr.
3.  Unfortunately there is not enough space for a night table and a big lamp like I always wanted to, but this IKEA Ranarp lamp can be easily attached to the headboard. To avoid the dollhouse-feeling I always like to add some modern or robust items.
4. Zara Home bed linen. I especially like the one with the flowers, because it’s colorful enough, but the grey background makes it suitable for the colder seasons as well.
5. A BIG romantic mirror for a little touch of that Paris-style apartment we all want. This one is from Laura Ashley.

And I found this beauty on Anthropologie. I think these colors work pretty well with the beige of the bed, but I’m afraid once I will have this waking up is going to be even harder (than it already is for me). But ah – think of all those Sunday mornings when Lennart will bring me breakfast in bed 😉



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