Anti-chic inspiration


This Friday Lennart and I are heading for Berlin to spend the weekend there and to celebrate my birthday (31 March). I have never been to Berlin, but I have been hearing so many good things about this city! Of course it’s all about the parties, it’s hip, relaxed, everyone is in a “go with the flow” state of mind. Even (the Dutch) Vogue wrote something like ‘forget about Paris, Berlin is where you want to be’. Anti-chic they called it.

Now my problem is that whenever I go for a city break, I freak out completely about what I am going to wear. I mean even more that normally, because 1) I don’t want to look like a tourist 2) I want to look like I know my fashion 3) but I want to be comfortable and 4) warm 5) I want to look good in pictures.
I know I am terrible.
And even worse; everything I wear has to fit into the city’s style. So in this case “anti-chic” is the word that keeps haunting me. Last Sunday I even wore my Nike’s along with really comfy sweatpants and a soft sweater as I went to the centre of Arnhem to do some groceries. Just to get that anti-chic feel as a sort of Berlin tryout. And yes, seeing myself in the window reflection, this was exactly the feeling that I was getting. Not me! Not me!
Oh, why can’t comfort and stylish go together?

Of course the internet proved me wrong later that night. Comfort and style can go together and anti-chic can be quite chic if you ask me – you just have to dare mixing them up!
This will be my packing-inspiration 🙂

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