Now that the days are getting shorter and colder I felt that the palm print and bright orange cushions in the living room don’t really suit this time of year anymore. So out with the summer and in with the fall. I found these cushions at H&M Home (because I’m even more on a budget than before). Not your typical fall/winter colors, but I think they certainly bring a lot of cosiness to my living room, with a pop of sweetness and fun!

hmprod102 hmprod101 hmprod103 hmprod104

Antwerp diary

We decided to leave early so we would have a full day in Antwerp. Of course 8:30 became 9:30, but still for us that is a pretty good time to be on our way. ‘You know how to drive?’ Lennart asked me when we drove out of our street. ‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘You can take the Breda or the Eindhoven road, but I prefer Eindhoven.’ So Eindhoven it was. Everything went smooth until we were about 35 kilometers from Antwerp. For some reason they – the Belgians – closed down the entire road to Antwerp. Not the right or the left lane, no – the entire road! We got stuck in one of those traffic jams where people get out of their cars and chat with each other on the emergency lane or pee in the bushes. It took us one and a half hour to overpass 3 kilometers until the first exit after which we were being directed to the Breda road.

We arrived in Antwerp at 14:15 (while we should have gotten there at 11:00). Shops were closing at 18:00 so we had little time, but we were starving as well so we sat down at the very first coffee bar we saw, which happened to be a nice one! Caffènation had the best Kenyan coffee, served by proper hipsters, and some delicious pastries to still our hunger.
antwerpen collage
After that little break we headed straight towards the Korte Gasthuisstraat where you find shops like & Other Stories, COS, Scotch & Soda and some exclusive boutiques. We stayed in this area until it was six o’clock and we were just tired and hungry (again!). I knew this place where they serve the best spareribs from the last time I visited Antwerp and we didn’t really feel like searching too long for a good restaurant, so we went there. It’s called Amadeus on the Suikerrui 7 – 9.

After that there was nothing else to do than go back home. Too bad this trip didn’t turn out the way we hoped it would and I wish I could give you more tips, but let’s look on the bright side: we have to go back soon to do it over.
But Breda road next time!

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Feeling blue

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Yesterday Lennart and I planned a shopping trip to Antwerp in Belgium. Normally it takes you about one and a half hour to drive there from Arnhem, but we got stuck in traffic and we arrived there so late that we only had a few hours left before all the stores closed. Luckily I succeeded to find what my main goal was during this shopping spree: a winter coat! I did some research online and found at least four coats on the & Other Stories website and decided that it should become one of those, but once I got there and tried them on they were all waaaaay too big (even in 34!). A bit disappointed I left the store and walked straight into COS on the other side of the street where I found this blue crossover wool coat. As I tried it on I felt in love with it right away. It’s slightly oversized and the color is just… wow! So glad I took it home with me.

More about our (short) trip to Antwerp later.

Jeans and shirt – Zara
Shoes – Uterqüe
Coat – COS
Bag – MAX&Co.
Sunglasses – WE
Earrings – Modemusthaves

Nailed it! (by Roodlakje)







Joná van Coevorden, aunt and awesome person, is responsible for the little artworks that are my nails. No matter if you want tiny lemons, palm trees or the word ‘aloha’ written on your nails, she will do it for you with all the patience in the world. She uses a semi permanent gel nail polish on my nails that lasts for at least three weeks. Perfect, because with my work normal nail polish doesn’t last for a day. For more inspiration and work follow her at roodlakje.tumblr.com

Thank you for always taking the time and keeping my nails fabulous!

Pippa’s September pick

IMG_20140902_095651 IMG_20140902_103626 IMG_20140902_104908



Pippa loves the autumn, but she doesn’t want to get cold. For the warmer days she prefers this cotton white and black t-shirt and on colder days the red hoodie keeps her warm enough during those long forest walks. Don’t you think the red looks wonderful on Pippa’s fur? Both are from American Apparel. T-shirt and Hoodie.