Wander lust – A post dedicated to my youngest sister

Not only is it Kirstie’s 20th birthday today, but she also graduated from college. I’m finally starting to realize how old she is getting and that she’s not really my LITTLE sister any more. She is becoming a grown woman who is about to travel the world, trying to make it as a model.

All I can say is I’m proud of you and no matter how big you’re getting, you will always be my little sis. Happy birthday!

Now let’s get into Kirstie’s style!


1. Where would you be without a passport? I’m just waiting for the day she’ll call in panic because she lost it (again) on the metro or anywhere else.
2. The tinier the better is Kirstie’s motto. This fine bikini is from Stone Fox Swim.
3. Round sunnies are a must – Lulu sunglasses from Frou Frou’s
4. Kirstie is not to be seen without her iPhone and switches cases every other week. This one is from Moschino – yum!
5. Music is her life! Sunny life beach sounds portable speaker – Nasty Gal
6. Don’t these Jelly sandals have “Kirstie” written all over them? Get them at one of Kirstie’s favourite London shops Topshop!
7. Whether it’s a skateboard, longboard, wake- or snowboard… she will ride it and ride it good! This longboard is from Atypical.