Ice ice baby

To be honest I only eat ice cream during my vacations, since most of them were in ice cream land Italy, but at home not so much. I mean, Holland’s cold enough already!
Still there’s something about these sweet treats. They remind me of favourite country, long summer days, eating Maxibons after longboarding with Lennart in Spain, running down the street when I was a child to catch the ice cream truck, Kelly stuffing TWO magnums down her face when she was only five years old… they bring joy! So from the pastel sorbet to the bright colored popsicle, let these gelati inspire you! What memory does it bring back to you?

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Green (my favourite colour)

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Green has always been my favourite colour. I don’t think there’s a shade of green I don’t like. Not so strange, if you look op the meaning of ‘Chloé’ it says “green shoot” and “fresh blooming”. It reminds me of nature and it’s the most relaxing color on earth. It brings a positive vibe whether you use it in home decoration or wearing it. Especially love to combine it with plain white, gold, yellow or blue.

What is your favourite colour?