Sportive dreaming

People who know me a little bit know that I like to go dressed in cute skirts, dresses, ballerina’s etc. But nowadays all I’m dreaming about is sporty, colorful, comfortable outfits. So not me! Nike Roshe run’s, Stella McCartney slippers, jersey skirts, sweaters and t-shirts – yes, I think this WILL BE ME this summer.

Oh, and along with this style should come a healthier lifestyle as well!

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Formiga SS Sweater – Weekday 
Floral print tote bag – MAX&Co.
Slippers – Adidas by Stella McCartney 
Roshe run – Nike
Jersey skirt – Vanilia
Bahamas scoop one piece – We Are Handsome 
Chloé slippers – Net-a-porter

La Vita è Kelly – a post dedicated to my sister!


Today is my sister’s 25th birthday.
If there’s one way I could describe my sister I would say that she is an extreme, crazy, ridiculous, sentimental, funny, emotional, but pretty (!!) tornado. When she’s gone you’ll probably have NO IDEA what the hell just happened, but also leaves you wanting for more.   She is just a great personality, always  puts her friends and family first and knows how to bring your party to the next level.

Now let’s get into the style of Kelly. Happy birthday dear sis!

Before we start I want to point out that no matter who you will ask about Kelly, they will all say she is a complete Italy addict. That’s why this moodboard is in Italian style!
1. Orange blossom bustier by Dolce & Gabbana (Net-a-porter). Every commercial, campaign by D&G just breathes Kelly. She loves the Italian lifestyle and it loves her back.
2. Prada Candy florale perfume, because you never know who you might run into when you’re wandering around Rome.
3. At first I was looking for a Vespa, but than I realized Kelly just needs a car in case she needs to get back home as soon as possible to help a friend in need or spontaneously decides to go on a roadtrip. A mint green Fiat 500 is the answer.
4. Kelly wouldn’t be Kelly without her Ray-Ban Aviators.
5. All the cool people used to smoke in the fifties and Kelly surely loves a smoke. Everyone who has a problem with it can have a look at her coffee cup.
6. Watermelon martini’s. What else?
7. Kelly loves making cocktails on our Black Friday party’s. Tropical fruit drink stirrers from C Wonder.
8. She loves making pictures but since the charger of her camera has been lost forever this cute little bag from Kate Spade is a nice replacement. Who needs a camera anyway when you have a mobile!
9. Shoes, shoes, shoes. Another thing she’s addicted to. These are from Moschino – oolala!

Shopping spree in Amsterdam

Yesterday Elvire and I decided to ignore the everlasting rain and hit the road for a shopping spree in Amsterdam. And surprisingly enough, the lucky bastards that we were, the sun was shining in the capital city! First we wandered around the Bijenkorf and worked our way from there to the 9 streets (small boutiques) and the PC Hooftstraat (exclusive shopping street).

In the 9 streets I finally found my La Sardina Capri camera to make my summer project come to live. So glad I found it!

I also found this beautiful bracelet in a small boutique in the 9 streets. Since I wasn’t really in the mood to try on some outfits and to be honest didn’t really see anything I was loving enough as well, I ended up in Zara Home buying some nice cushions and a photo frame for my living room make over. Of course I couldn’t leave the place without taking the pinapple candle and some Turkish print napkins. The flower print napkins are a gift from Elvire.
When the stores closed we decided to have dinner at Van Puffelen on the Prinsengracht, which was truly delicious.

Oh well, this was just a great day!

Elisabeth R. – a post dedicated to my mother!


My mother, Elisabeth Rozetta van Coevorden or Lizet, is without a doubt one of the most inspiring women in my life. As a matter of fact she, of course, is number one when it comes down to these women. Only 21 years old when she gave birth to her first of three daughters (me!) and the living proof that 50 is the new 30. Still young at heart, enjoys life to the fullest, a dedicated career woman, wonderful cook, fun to be around with… thank you mom for being so awesome!


1. My mother has a totem animal (don’t ask  me why) and it’s a turtle, so whenever I travel I always bring her back a turtle from the country I visited. This Turtle lamp is from Zara Home.
2. I know she’s dreaming about a South Africa safari with the whole family, but knowing her she wants to do it in style. Staying at the Molori Safari lodge maybe? I say yes to that!
3. A heart of gold, no explanation needed. This gold linen heart shaped box is from Aerin.
4. In her free time she is hitting the golf course with my stepdad. If she’s on fire she likes to rub it in your face, if she’s having a bad day at the course… she will as well. Golf headcovers by Ame & Lulu.
5. If you say Lizet, you say Rivièra Maison. Looking at this picture she is probably wondering if it was shot inside her house. No mom, I took it from their website.
6. This year she made a career switch and started her own business. She is now flying to Denmark and Madagascar to organize conferences, but also takes part in the activities within Arnhem city centre. Always in a hurry she is the kind of person you will catch sitting in the train with a coffee to go, scribbling in her notebook. Both from Kate Spade.
7. She loves cooking and baking cakes, which she is very good at. However, even cooking goes in style with this Trousseau Apron from Anthropologie. This one has “Lizet” written all over it.


Pippa’s May pick


Pippa heard that she might be taken on a lot of fishing trips with her dad this summer. So with the unpredictable Dutch weather she has to be prepared for every situation. Here’s this months hot items selected by Ms. Pippa Loentje herself.


1. Happy House dog tent
2. K-way Love bow raincoat – Little dogs paradise 
3. Organic granola dog treats – Mungo & Maud 
4. Biodegradable poop bags (because poop happens) – Mungo & Maud 
5. Canvas crocodile rope toy – Mungo & Maud

Ceiling candy


Since I’m an interior design lover with very expensive taste, but with a normal wage I often end up on Marktplaats (something like Ebay) to make my dreams come true… on a budget. Nothing wrong with that, I love it! Once I start my search I know I could be scrolling down the endless pages for hours without getting bored, just like last week when I searched for ‘gold ceiling light’.
I found a ceiling light on the very first page and fell in love right away. The add said: ‘Messing design light, needs to go because I am moving away.’
I send this advertiser an e-mail to make an offer and he replied within a minute:  ‘When can you pick it up?’

Now this beauty is hanging in the living room. A true eye catcher without drawing to much attention. Really glad with this one!

Oh, and I also moved the Eames rocker chair to make the living room a little bit more spacious with a better view at the backyard.

What do you think?

IMG_20140504_112618 IMG_20140504_112145 IMG_20140504_113110