My weekend (in Instagram pictures)


What better way to start your weekend than to party all day long. Saturday it was Kingsday in the Netherlands and the entire city of Arnhem turned into one big festival ground. First stop was Kontra – Square (where we ran into our good friend Marieke) to check out our friend Paul who came back from Berlin to dj on this day. After that we headed for 8Bahn and later that night Lennart and I went to see drum n bass dj Aphrodite which was AWESOME. Sunday we spend our day chillin’, checking out some garden furniture and eating Chinese take out at my mom’s place. 


On Monday me and my aunt drove to Amsterdam to visit the Madame SuperTrash retail event. Of course we decided to go a little earlier to do some shopping and enjoy a good shrimp wrap at the Bijenkorf.


The retail event was pretty cool, we were able to see next year’s winter collection on models while eating some DELICIOUS noodles and sipping some fine prosecco. And when we were in the car on our way home we decided to make a stop at PLLEK in the north of Amsterdam to have dinner.


Busy weekends call for strong coffee in the morning to appear fresh and energetic at work. Of course I couldn’t help of sharing my new “Pugs not thugs” t-shirt (from Weekday) first.
Long story short: awesome weekend! 

Enjoy your week everyone 🙂

Click – delete

La-Sardina22 With todays digital camera’s and mobile phones taking pictures has never been easier. Wherever you go, as long as you have battery you just shoot away. Some of those pictures (a lot!) end up on Facebook and/or Instagram and only few people actually “develop” (print out) their pictures.

Now I am an fanatic Instagrammer and have an eye for the smallest detail, so especially on holidays it looks like my phone is attached to my hand because I just want to get everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I click and click and if it’s not much I delete just as easily. Click – delete – click – delete – click – delete.

What happens when you have only 36 photo’s to shoot, like we did before everything turned digital? I bet that you start looking even better and use your clicks wisely. What will you be photographing? Portraits, landscapes, little details?

This is going to be my summer project during my holiday in Marbella, Spain. A visit to the Alhambra palace is high on my list and normally I would shoot a thousand pictures alone in a place like that, so I wonder if I will be able to resist getting my phone out. But first I need to buy this La Sardina St. Tropez 35 mm camera to work on this project in style 😉

Pippa’s April pick

From now on Pippa, the fashionable dog that she is, will show you the best picks for your furry friend.
This month: Indie pup!




1. Ethnic style dog harness – MissFlo
2. Nice grill cream + vermillion city leash – See Scout Sleep
3. Organic pink bone – Little Dogs Paradise
4. Geo bone ceramic bowl – C Wonder 
5. Ikat print dog poncho – Growler Goods 

And the best:


Saguaro dog tipi also from Growler Goods.

7 chairs to avoid dullness in your garden


If there’s one thing I really hate it is the dullness of garden furniture here in the Netherlands. A few weeks ago Lennart and I visited a few stores to orientate what they have to offer and to get inspired. We came to the conclusion that Dutch people apparently love grey a lot in their gardens, because this is the only color in garden furniture we saw. Our garden already has a grey stone terrace and wooden decking,  the last thing we need is a grey  dining table with the same boring chairs.
So here’s my idea: take a (rustic) wooden table and combine with one of these seven chairs below. I bet the result is stunning! If you think some of them might be uncomfortable to sit on sheepskin is the answer. Here’s what I have found for you:

000-3d-model-leaf_render_01 hogsten-armleunstoel__0134124_PE290006_S4 Fermob-chaise-de-jardin-en-metal-et-en-couleurs-design-Terence-Conran AG_Low_Chair_Tait_Outdoor_DE HEE-EASY-GREEN 14111345mintgroen-46-x-82-x-58-41313058-product_rd-588558284



1. Arper leaf chair 
3. Fermob Kintbury chair 
4. Tait Volley chair 
5. Hay Hee lounge chair (also available as dining chair)
6. Loods 5 Axis chair 
7. HEMA mint chair

When life gives you lemons

Yesterday I bought a citrus tree (!) and as I bought it I already pictured myself sitting in the garden with some fresh, homemade lemonade, a good book and some fine tunes on the background. Let the sunny days come!



1. Paper straws – Urbans and Indians
2. Glass with yellow print – HEMA
3. Limoncello print – IKEA
4. Jonathan Adler chair – ??? (still looking for one)
5. Citrus Tree – garden centre
6. Outdoor Rug – Rough Rugs (also available at L4 in Oosterbeek soon)

Backwards Berlin

I have been thinking a lot about what I should write about my trip to Berlin. Of course I had a really nice time – especially with Lennart and I also met some really nice people like DC4 owner Daniel (Lennart blogs for the store) and Japanese tattoo artist Hidetoshi. We did a lot of sightseeing, basically walked from one eating place to another, we had a beer with our Dutch friend Paul in Kreuzberg and (how could I forget) shopping. We did some really good shopping!
Now I could make a blog post like “this place makes the best burgers in town” or “this hidden store is a true gem” and “a cheap but delicious breakfast here”, but there are so many blogs about Berlin and to be honest… you just have to experience and discover it yourself.
So here are some of our pictures, get inspired and go!

(and listen to Backwards Berlin while looking at them 😉 )

20140328_165051 20140329_122927 20140328_202734 20140328_20272620140401_100546 20140331_152054 20140331_16054220140329_131941 20140329_141219 20140329_141505 20140329_142648 20140330_163150 20140330_162852 20140330_121443 20140329_144731 20140330_170427 20140330_182248 20140330_185148 20140330_191359 20140330_192106

Side table, check!



Just when I was about to give up and almost left Arnhem city centre super frustrated (because I couldn’t find the right shade of green to paint my toilet with), I found a good side table at Dille & Kamille. I let the whole bamboo-thing go and went for this plain, but easy to combine, wooden sidetable for only € 39,95.
Since I don’t have my blue ceramic lamp yet, I moved my beloved pineapple lamp from the bedroom to the living room  and this is the result – insta-coziness!


Sorry guys, for neglecting you. As you know I have been in Berlin for a couple of days. Have lot’s to write about my time there, but we have been walking and traveling so much that I can’t really find the energy right now to blog.
I promise I will soon though!

What do you think of my anti-chic outfit?